Start Strong for Fresh Cows [50 lb.]

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Start Strong for Fresh Cows [50 lb.]

A uniquely formulated product to enhance the performance of fresh cows following the stress of calving. Proprietary elements make minerals highly soluble, supply beneficial bacteria to the gut, improve immunity, reduce milk fever, prevent ketosis, and stimulate appetite and rumen function. Contains an exclusive sweetener that makes the product highly palatable as well as a patented citrus aroma to encourage intake. Help prepare cows to manage stress immediately after calving with Start Strong for Fresh Cows, an easy-mix drench. Quickly restore nutrients, stimulate appetite and promote rumen function to get cows on feed fast and ease the transition to a lactation diet.

Start Strong for Fresh Cows [50 lb.] Highlights:

  • SKU: 13290

  • Manufacturer: Ralco Nutrition

  • Gets fresh cows on feed faster.

  • Works as a drench or mix.

  • Administer 1 lb (2 scoops) immediately after calving. Repeat in 12 to 24 hours as needed.

  • Water application: Mix 1 lb with 5 gallons of warm water and present to cow for drinking.

  • Drench application: Mix 1 lb with desired amount of water for drenching.

  • Feed application: Mix 1 lb with daily ration.

  • Rapidly replaces fluids, electrolytes, and other nutrients to prevent economically harmful problems such as milk fever, ketosis, and acidosis.

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SKU 13290
Manufacturer Ralco Nutrition
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