Why Armor?


Armor Animal Health is committed to
helping your business thrive.

Dairy and beef producers, veterinarians, hoof trimmers, retailers and animals all benefit from our integrated approach, which is unique to the industry.

Armor’s diagnostic lab and on-staff veterinarians make your animal treatments more effective and targeted by accurately identifying health issues. Combining those diagnoses with enhanced preventative and therapeutic products enable veterinarians to focus their treatment and use less total medication. You’ll ultimately benefit from healthier animals and greater profitability from efficient product use.

Our team members have strong roots in the industry and take pride in being your one-stop provider for consulting, prescriptions, laboratory services and a wide selection of products direct to your door.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Armor Animal Health is to provide solutions needed for livestock and to deliver on unmet customer needs, ultimately
making the market a better place. Detecting Diseases, Defending Animals and Delivering Promises.


     Detecting Diseases:

Our belief is simple, be proactive in the detection of disease that can affect your animal’s health and decrease your business productivity. The combination of our lab and veterinary team members evaluate each situation while delivering an unbiased recommendation on products and provide prescriptions to keep your herd healthy. Armor Animal Health will be there every step of the way whether it is visiting your farm or ongoing training and consulting your staff on the best practices for the ultimate in herd happiness.

     Defending Animals:

The world is ever changing, but our commitment to defending animals is absolute. Our flexible approach is key to ensure your animals well-being is never compromised. The Armor Livestock Pharmacy leads the way in delivering prescriptions in twenty-nine states and has been accredited by the NABP, the nation’s leader in ensuring the use of the best medicines and vaccinations of your herd. In addition, the Armor team is consistently delivering content that matters to your farm. We offer a library of technical bulletins and newsletters to communicate the best standards needed for success along with embracing technology by offering live webinars to keep you informed as things change.

     Delivering Promises:

At the end of the day what matters is how we deliver for you, our customer. Every day companies make promises, but it is our mantra that we are all in this together. Armor team members take pride in our agricultural roots; for us this isn’t a job, but a way of life. With our international distribution footprint, we supply over 8,000 animal health products direct to your door, giving you the confidence, your animals and staff will have everything they need so you can sleep a little easier at night. Our team is available when you need us via phone or text for any issues. 

In addition:

  • Saving you money and time by processing manufacturer rebates for you
  • Competitive pricing – we honor all manufacturer contract pricing
  • Saving you time through our propriety inventory control system
  • Convenience - purchase all your needs from one source to simplify purchasing and returns
  • Convenient ordering methods - website, phone, text, fax, retail store, e-mail and mail
  • Flexible payment options and invoices sent via email, fax or mail

We invite you to join the Armor Animal Health family.