Screw Worm Spray [12 oz.]

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Screw Worm Spray [12 oz.]

Screw Worm Ear Tick Aerosol is an insect repellant to keep screw worms and ear ticks off of livestock, horses, sheep and swine, as well as keeping flies, maggots, mosquitoes, gnats and wasps away from open wounds so they can heal properly. Sensitivity is possible with use of this and any other pesticide. If sensitivity occurs, give your pet a bath using mild soap and rinse with plenty of water. If sensitivity persists, seek immediate veterinary attention. Speak to your veterinarian prior to administering to a nursing, pregnant, aged, debilitated, or medicated animal.

Prozap Screw Worm Ear Tick Aerosol Spray is a versatile repellent that stops ear ticks, screwworms, wasps, gnats, mosquitoes, maggots, and flies. Never spray directly onto or into genitalia, mouth, or eyes. Never apply directly into water. This product is incredibly toxic to aquatic invertebrates like shrimp and crabs, as well as to fish. Keep out of reach of children.

The general application of this product recommends spraying both sides of the animal, the back, withers, and forelegs for 3 seconds. If spraying the face, keep away from the eyes. If used to eliminate ear ticks, spray directly into the ear. For wound application and to kill screwworms, while holding the bottle 4 to 8 inches for the affected area, spray 3 to 10 seconds until saturated. Be sure to apply all around the area as well as directly onto the area. If the screwworm is resistant to this product, stop the use of this spray, and ask a vet for advice.

Prozap is a very effective broad-spectrum pest repellent that includes 0.5% permethrin. An ideal product to use while dehorning, branding, docking, castrating, and more, it stops blood-sucking lice, gnats, ticks, mosquitoes, horn flies, deer flies, horse flies, stable flies, maggots, flies, and screw worms. It can safely be used on swine, horses, hogs, sheep, dairy cattle, and beef cattle.

Screw Worm Spray [12 oz.] Highlights:

  • SKU: 12732
  • Manufacturer: Neogen
  • Spray is easy to use
  • Great for treating multiple animal species
  • Repels insects from wounds, aiding in healing
  • For use in animal premises and milk rooms
  • Kills maggots, flies, mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, hornets and screw worms
  • Safe for beef cattle, swine, dairy cattle, goats, horses and sheep
  • Store away from children
  • In the case of sensitivity, wash the animal with warm water and soap
  • If the sensisity does not improve, let a vet know right away
  • Keep this spray away from eyes, mouth, and genitalia
  • Do not administer this product into water or around water sources. It is hazardous to fish and aquatic life
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SKU 12732
Manufacturer Neogen
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