Roto-Clip - 3 Slot Round Carbide Disc 4" Purple

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Roto-Clip - 3 Slot Round Carbide Disc 4" Purple

Roto-Clip carbide discs for hoof trimming cows are ideal for professional trimmers and for trimming large herds. Most hoof trimming discs trim 200 to 400 animals before inserts become dull. All styles of slotted discs are equipped with interchangeable inserts. These discs also work great as a finishing disc in wood, can be used to do notches, stairs, furniture, or any type of finishing work. Inserts can be rotated and sharpened up to 3 or 4 times before replacement.

Ideal disc for large herds and professional trimmers. Works great on animals with excessive growth or hard hooves. Disc has been turned down allowing side and face of disc to be used as a trimming surface. Used primarily as a roughing disc but can be used for saddle notches, copes in logs, and to remove material very rapidly. Averages 150 animals before inserts become dull. Each insert can be sharpened up to 3-4 times before needing replaced. Not recommended for use with tilt-tables. Includes interchangeable inserts.

Use the blade to trim and shape the hoof. Do not over-trim. Treat any hoof disease, such as an abscesses or hairy wart, as recommended. Use Flat insert to trim hard hooves or overgrown hooves. For best results, clean between uses and sharpen discs on a regular basis. The 3-slot Round disc are the most aggressive of all the discs. 4" 3-slotted Carbide Round is ideal for maintenance trimming and fine-tuning on show animals. Great for beginners learning to use Round-bladed discs. It is a lighter disc, which provides less stress on the wrist and creates less torque.

Each Disc comes with T-25 Star Screwdriver. For faster, easier, more economical hoof trimming. Steel disc with long wearing hardened cutting edges will effortlessly trim and shape a hoof with control and ease. Ideal for large herds and professional trimmers, comes with 3 interchangeable inserts. Each insert has two sharpened edges that can be rotated and sharpened up to 5-6 times. Replacement inserts available.

Roto-Clip - 3 Slot Round Carbide Disc 4" Purple Highlights:

  • SKU: 12060
  • Manufacturer: Roto-Clip
  • Replacement inserts are also available
  • Labeled for: beef and dairy cattle
  • Inserts are interchangeable and can be resharpened
  • Long-lasting product; made of high-quality materials
  • Use with caution
  • Round discs are more aggressive and not recommended for use with tilt tables
  • Round discs will talk off a large amount of hoof material
  • Designed for hoof trimming, log shaping and wood carving
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SKU 12060
Manufacturer Roto-Clip
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