Revitilyte [5 lb.]

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Revitilyte [5 lb.]

Revitilyte-Gelling is an oral electrolyte supplement with a thickening agent to slow fluid loss in animals. Provides a concentrated nutritional supplement containing dextrose to assist calves in recovery from scours, disease, weaning, ration change, and other stressful conditions. For calves, mix 3.5 oz. (one packet or scoop) into 2 quarts warm water and feed entire contents via bottle, pail, or esophageal feeder. Feed twice daily for at least two consecutive days.

Directions: Always prepare immediately before use. Mix, while slowly adding 3.5 oz into 2 quarts warm water. Calves and foals - 2 qts mixed solution per calf/foal, twice daily for 2 consecutive days, or as needed. Use an open pail, nipple pail, nursing pail or esophageal feeder. Feed before or after milk or milk replacer feedings. Refer to label for other dosages.

Revitilyte [5 lb.] Highlights:

  • SKU: 14711
  • Manufacturer: Vets Plus
  • Replaces lost fluids and electrolytes.
  • Corrects acidosis along with a source of energy.
  • Contains amino acid glycine, which aids in nutrient absorption.
  • Mixes with water to provide a nutritional supplement for calves.
  • Contains dextrose in a readily available form with a thickening agent to slow fluid loss.
  • Nutrient supplement with thickening agent to slow fluid loss for a quicker recovery.
  • Contains dextrose, electrolytes and amino acid glycine in a readily available form.
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SKU 14711
Manufacturer Vets Plus
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