Hoof Trimmer

At Armor Animal Health we know the importance of hoof health,  that is the reason we have our very own hoof specialist on staff.

At the end of the day of the visiting farms, the last thing  you want to think about is restocking your supplies for the next visit.  Our website focuses on the quickest way to sign on and click on your quick order list to ensure you are never short on supplies.

Our large selection of glues, wraps, and footbath chemicals have not only been selected based off their effectiveness in the field but have also been certified by our veterinarian staff to ensure your customers herd will be taken care off till your next visit.     

A happy herd produces on average five pounds of milk anually.

Hoof trimming supplies delivered to your doorstep, educational videos, technical bulletins to help train your staff and friendly phone number to call for all your hoof trimming questions.   What more could your herd ask?  Give us a call at 888-255-1181 or drop us line – we would love to assist.

New Product  of the Month


  • Diamond Narrow Blade Hoof Knife removes excess sole and trims the frog
  • This new stainless steel blade maintains sharp edge for clean, fast cuts
  • It has a hardwood handle with comfortable grip
  • Produced with the highest grade materials

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Hoof Health TB

 A hoof maintenance schedule is one of the most important contributors to successful dairy operations. Foot health is directly related to production and ignored lameness in a herd is far more costly than the price of a hoof health program.

The most common factors leading to lameness:

  • Terrain and travel distance to the parlor
  • Acidosis brought on by faulty nutrition
  • Improper or lack of a footbath protocol

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