Calf Restraint - Fits Wire Panel

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Calf Restraint - Fits Wire Panel

Ideal for restraining young calves (0-2 months) for dehorning, implanting, castrating, dewclaw removal, and many other calf care procedures. Here is a tip, mount this restraint on the back of your 4 wheel bike, and along with our Vulkan or Portasol Butane debudder, or your Buddex re-chargeable debudder, and you have a real mobile debudding operation. Simply guide the calf’s head into the nosepiece and adjust the chain behind the ears. Hold the calf’s head firmly for routine procedures. Attaches quickly and easily to any 2-inch wood fence.

Calf Restraint - Fits Wire Panel Highlights:

  • SKU: 11734
  • Manufacturer: Easy B-Z Manufacturing
  • This positive restraint solves the problem.

  • Built to last with rugged, welded steel construction.
  • Debudding and dehorning of stronger calves can be a difficult exercise.

  • Portable calf restraint makes dehorning, implanting or even castration easy.

  • The calf's head is manoeuvred into the restraint, and then the chain is secured down over the calf's crown.

  • The restraint design ensures easy access to the calf's horns. When the job is done, release the chain and the calf is on its way.

  • The dehorning restraint will fit standard over timber rails to 45mm (1 3/4 inch) width, or with slight adjustment to the rail, 55mm (2 1/8 inch) width.

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