Bovamine Dairy Plus CHMSP 1K [1000 gram]

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Bovamine Dairy Plus CHMSP 1K [1000 gram]

For dairy cows, BOVAMINE Dairy can be hand-added to a TMR or premix or can be applied via a well-calibrated micro-ingredient machine. In the rumen, the combination of our unique lactic-acid-producing bacteria (Lactobacillus animalis LA-51) and our lactic-acid-utilizing bacteria (Propionibacterium freudenreichii PF-24) increases the conversion of feedstuffs into energy in the form of volatile acids (see Figure 1). In the lower intestinal tract, the probiotic organisms in BOVAMINE Dairy improve digestive function, including the absorption of nutrients, inhibit colonization by potentially pathogenic bacteria, and improve gastrointestinal stability and immune responsiveness.

BOVAMINE Dairy Plus combines the science-based, research-proven BOVAMINE strains, Lactobacillus animalis (LA-51) and Propionibacterium freudenreichii (PF-24), with two highly researched Bacilli, Bacillus licheniformis (CH200) and Bacillus subtilis (CH201), that are new to the dairy cow sector. The specific probiotic bacteria in BOVAMINE Dairy Plus are four of the most extensively researched strains of probiotics for animals.

By improving what goes on inside your cows, Nutri-Catalyst Live brings out the absolute best in milk production efficiency. Results show an average 4.3% improvement in milk production efficiency, with daily profit increases as much as five times the cost of adding Nutri-Catalyst Live. And the more valuable the feed you’re currently using, the greater the gain in productivity you’ll experience. The evidence is in you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you add Nutri-Catalyst Live to your dairy.

Bovamine Dairy Plus CHMSP 1K [1000 gram] Highlights:

  • SKU: 23278
  • Manufacturer: Chr. Hansen
  • Stabilizes rumen and small intestine functions
  • Fights harmful bacteria that would otherwise decrease immune demands on each cow
  • Contains specific live probiotics that enable the digestive system to improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption
  • Reduces lactic acidosis
  • Enhances immune response to GI challenges
  • Improves GI development
  • Provides gains in milk production efficiency
  • Live feed stimulates natural, healthy digestion
  • Serves as a management tool to improve feed efficiency, herd health and performance
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SKU 23278
Manufacturer Chr. Hansen
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