Teat Bandage Tape

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Teat Bandage Tape

This antiseptic bandage, made of cohesive polyester, makes it easy to provide a protective bandage over injured teats. Self-adhesive bandage will stay in place. Inexpensive and easy to use, this bandage cuts healing time in half. Teat injuries are serious problems and until now have been nearly impossible to properly bandage. The JorVet bandage is a cohesive polyester bandage that makes it easy to provide a protective bandage over an injured teat. 

Instructions for use;
Wounds on the side of the teat: Clean the teat with a suitable solution. Tear off a small piece. Wrap 2 or 3 layers firmly around teat. No scissors required. No additional bandage needed (See photo) Wounds on the tip of the teat Clean the wound with a suitable solution. Apply a large piece of the teat bandage from the base of the udder – down one side of the teat and up the other side. Seal the bandage on the sides of the teat by pressing bandage edges together with finger tips.

Teat Bandage Tape Highlights:

  • SKU: 17392
  • Manufacturer: Jorgensen Laboratories
  • Does not stick to skin, hair or wound. Only sticks to itself.
  • Ideal for wounds such as splits, cuts or other teat damage.
  • Protects wound against dirt, easy to mold and apply, cohesive.
  • Sticks to itself even when applied to wet teats. Can be applied directly over wound.
  • Especially important if you are raising kids on pasteurized milk and do not want kids to nurse their dams.
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SKU 17392
Manufacturer Jorgensen Laboratories
Hazardous No
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