Tailwell Lube [30 mL]

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Tailwell Lube [30 mL]

The Tailwell was developed to ease the tedious work of cow tail hair trimming in dairy cows. Removing cow tail hair contaminated with feces and urine is important for optimal hygiene of the herd, the milk and the milker. Pre-cutting of the hair is not necessary, even with heavy soiling or incrustation. The TailWell Standard works extremely quietly and needs only a few seconds per tail - ideal even during the milking process!

For optimal milk quality, cow tail hair should be clipped twice a year. The TailWellPower Tail Trimmer fits into any cordless trimmer (min. 14 volts) with approx. 1.250 rpm. It works quietly and produces a smooth haircut. It takes only max. 4 seconds per tail and can easily be done during the milking process.

From the principle, an outer blade rotates around an inner one, so there is no risk of injury to animal or human. Regular lubrication, as with any shearing device, is important and should be done between every 30th to maximum 50th shearing. It should be possible to shear 100 to 200 tails per battery charge, depending on the degree of soiling. A regrinding of the blades is necessary depending on the degree of soiling (after 1000 to 2000 shearing) and can be done easily and without problems even by inexperienced users with the supplied grinding paste.

Tailwell Lube [30 mL] Highlights:

  • SKU: 11380
  • Manufacturer: Shoof International
  • Easy cow tail hair trimming for dairy cows
  • Enables optimal hygiene of livestock, milk and milker
  • No pre-cutting of hairs necessary even in case of heavy soiling or encrustation
  • Smooth haircut in max. 4 seconds per tail
  • Works quietly
  • No risk of injury to animals or humans
  • Powerful battery - up to 200 tail shaves per charge
  • Grinding paste for easy, hassle-free resharpening of the blade
  • For all cordless screwdrivers with at least 14 volts, 1.250 rpm
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SKU 11380
Manufacturer Shoof International
Volume (ML) 30 ML
Hazardous No
Unit of Measure each
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