Sticky Roll Deluxe Kit 1000'

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Sticky Roll Deluxe Kit 1000'

Sticky Roll effectively catches, controls and eliminates flies because it’s based on their natural habits. Flies follow the warm updrafts in rooms and barns and seek resting places near the ceiling. They land on the Sticky Roll and become stuck in the glue. Once entrapped, the flies produce stress chemicals which are irresistible attractants to other flies. No baits, toxins, or pheromones are necessary. Soon the tape is black with dead flies. When a length of tape is full, crank it up, flies and all, onto the disposable take-up reel. Fresh tape is rolled out at the same time, ready to grab more flies.

Non-Polluting non-toxic Sticky Roll is a reel-to-reel system of sticky tape that really catches flies! When flies first hatch after feeding or when the weather cools they tend to congregate overhead where they are caught on the roll. Once entrapped they produce stress chemicals which are irresistible attractants to other flies. Eventually the tape is completely black with trapped flies.

Sticky Roll is a safe and effective system that is easy to install for use in areas such as dairy barns horse stables animal premises of all kinds veterinary areas kennels zoos food processing areas and anywhere flies are a problem. USDA testing shows that Sticky Roll captured 92% of available flies an astonishing performance considering Sticky Roll is completely non-toxic and non-polluting.

The Mr. Sticky Deluxe Sticky Roll System comes with pulleys hardware and take-up reel as well as a 1000 foot roll of 1/4" wide white sticky tape that flies just love to land on. Extra refills sold separately.

Sticky Roll Deluxe Kit 1000' Highlights:

  • SKU: 13701
  • Manufacturer: Coburn
  • Size: 1000'
  • Chemical Free
  • Attractant Free
  • No Assembly Required
  • Non-toxic, environmentally sound
  • Contains no insecticides or pheromones
  • “Captured 92% of available flies.” USDA Tests
  • Easy to install; readily disposable
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SKU 13701
Manufacturer Coburn Company
Hazardous No
Unit of Measure each
Pest Type Fly
Pest Control Type Tape
Length 1000'
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