Steuarts Wound Spray [32 oz.]

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Steuarts Wound Spray [32 oz.]

Natural topical treatment for udder sores, udder wounds, frostbite and udder rot. Remove any dead and necrotic tissue before application. Spray affected area after each milking. Steuarts II Wound Spray is a 2% iodine solution that kills up to 99% of surface germs that may cause an infection. Barrier II contains lidocaine to alleviate pain in wounds and surgical incisions. The spray dries in 90 seconds, forming a highly visible and durable coating. Labeled for use in all animals. DO NOT USE on food-producing animals less than one week prior to slaughter. This product was designed for the treatment of udder sores, udder wounds, and udder rot. The spray facilitates the application of product on hard to reach areas.

Ingredients: Propolis, Ethyl Alcohol & Oregano Oil.

Directions: After minimal shaking, spray affected area at least twice daily or after each milking. For udder sores or udder rot, remove dead and necrotic tissue before the first application.

Steuarts Wound Spray [32 oz.] Highlights:

  • SKU: 11036
  • Manufacturer: Steuart Laboratories
  • Available in 32 oz.
  • All-natural; no antibiotics
  • Spray bottle; easy to apply.
  • Treats a wide variety of udder wounds.
  • For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store at a controlled room temperature. Do not allow to freeze.
  • Contains propylene glycol, DI water and propolis tincture which acts as an antiseptic; and lanolin which keeps the skin soft and moisturized.
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SKU 11036
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