StepliteX Boots Size 11

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StepliteX Boots Size 11

Bekina boots from UltraSource achieve both durability and comfort with millions of tiny air bubbles that form to your feet, providing insulation in extreme temperatures down to -4°F. These modern polyurethane boots are lined with a slip-resistant rubber underlay and include removable felt insoles that wick away moisture. A pair of polyurethane boots is approximately 2.25 lbs. lighter than PVC boots, reducing fatigue and giving you more energy at the end of the day.

StepliteX boots are manufactured by Bekina of Belgium and feature fine craftsmanship in a polyurethane boot. StepliteX boots are lightweight, insulated, durable, chemical resistant, and meet strict European standards for slip resistance, quality and workmanship. Boots made of polyurethane are much lighter than PVC or rubber and tests prove they last up to three times longer due to resistance to fats, solvents, tears and abrasions. The air bubble structure of polyurethane act as insulation, keeping feet cool in summer and warm in winter while remaining flexible even in extreme cold.
Measure 16" with a cut line at 14" and come with insoles for additional comfort, warmth and moisture absorption.

StepliteX Boots Size 11 Highlights:

  • SKU: 17374
  • Manufacturer: Coburn
  • Lightweight: Approximately 2.25 lbs. lighter than traditional PVC boots
  • Ergonomic, shock-absorbing, washable footbeds
  • Resistant to mineral, manure, vegetable and animal oil or fats, blood and various chemical cleaning products
  • Even Temperature: Polyurethane's air-bubble construction insulates in temperatures down to -4°, and the special insole eliminates moisture from your feet
  • Form Fitting: Memory characteristics form to your feet while staying flexible
  • Chemical Resistant: Specially blended polyurethane withstands organic fats, mild chemicals, and industrial greases
  • Longer Lasting: Polyurethane boots last up to three times longer than PVC, minimizing replacement costs and break-in period
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SKU 17374
Manufacturer Coburn Company
Safety Toe No
Shoe Size Size 11
Waterproof No
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