Shipping and Handling Charges

Armor Animal Health's Shipping and Handling Information

  • Armor Animal Health offers free shipping to a majority of its customers for orders over minimum amount.
  • A $4.00 cooler charge will be added on all orders requiring a cooler box and ice packs regardless of order total.
  • Additional freight charges may apply for oversized products such as equipment, footbaths, totes, 55 gallon drums and calf housing orders.
  • Legal restrictions prevent us from shipping certain products to all geographical locations. Please check the product detail pages for item-specific shipping restrictions.
  • International: Shipping and freight charges apply to all orders at the time of sale. Taxes and duties will be the responsibility of the customer after shipment.
  • Any questions and for Nexy-Day-Air, 2nd Day Air or 3 Day Select please contact us at 800.255.1181
  • The below information indicates minimum order size for FREE shipping on orders where FOB charges still apply (Chart 1A) and do not apply (Chart 1B).
  • To find out what zone you are in, please see Shipping Zone Map (Chart 1C)

Shipping Instructions

1. Use Table 1 to find shipping savings by state.

2. Calculate total weight.

3. Calculate Shipping based on zip code (table 2) and zone (table 3) along with total weight.

4. Net shipping = Shipping- Savings %.

5. Add accessorial fees (Hazardous $33, COD $15, Cooler Charge $4) to net shipping charge.

6. Shopping Cart calculates shipping.


Chart 1A  General Shipping
(Ex: Speedee, UPS, FedEx)
Chart 1B (LTL)
  • Minimum purchase requirements to earn FREE shipping by geograhic zone
  • FOB charges apply to products weighing over 12 lbs.
  • A fee of $33 applies per package of hazardous products
  • A fee of $15 applied to COD orders
Shipping Minimums
  • Zone 1 (Blue) = $300
  • Zone 2 (Red) = $500
  • Zone 3 (Green) = $500
  • Zone 4 (Orange) = Shipping applies to all orders at time of sale.
  • Minimum purchase requirements (per pallet) to earn FREE shipping and no additional freight charges by geographic zone.
  • If minimum's are reached, COD, FOB and hazardous fees DO NOT APPLY.
  • $4.00 cooler charge still applied.
Shipping Minimums
  • Zone 1 (Blue) = $1,250
  • Zone 2 (Red) = $1,500
  • Zone 3 (Green) = $2,000
  • Zone 4 (Orange) = Freight applies to all orders at time of sale.

*Shipping minimums based on Armor Animal Health's preferred shipping method.



Chart 1C (Shipping Zone Map)