SCCL Colostrum
Made With Whole Bovine Colostrum

Maternal colostrum can vary in quality, quantity and can transmit diseases to newborn calves.
Don't risk the health of your calves to chance, trust SCCL's premium colostrum products to start your calves off right!

Made with colostrum, not a formula of ingredients
Potent energy source for weather-stressed calves
Enhanced instant mix!




  1. Use to completely replace maternal colostrum in emergency situations.
  2. Use to enrich maternal colostrum when Brix % is low.
  3. Use post day one to mimic transition milk.

America's Trusted Colostrum Brand

SCCL is now proudly manufacturing Colostrx CR and Colostrx CS. This trusted brand is made with whole bovine colostrum.

Colostrx CS is the ideal supplement for cold-stressed calves. With 50g IgG it gives them the boost they need.

Colostrx CR can be used to completely replace maternal colostrum (use 200g IgG). Provides an adequate colostrum feeding for dystocia or orphaned calves.





Check out this video from the Bar Nothing Ranch.

They have trusted Colostrx for their newborn calves for decades!