Ruminant Lacto Plus ® 40 lb.

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Contains a source of live (viable) naturally-occurring microorganisms, yeast culture, vitamins and enzymes for use in calves, cattle, heifers, cows, lambs, sheep and goats.

Excellent overall probiotic for everyday use. Promotes eating and gaining after stressful conditions. Includes vitamins A, D, and E for improved immune response and overall health. Low feeding rate makes this a cost-effective and convenient product. 

overall health

Directions: May be mixed with mineral according to dosage instructions. Top dress or mix TMR. 

May be mixed with mineral in a weatherproof mineral feeder. For mixing with a mineral having a one ounce per day consumption, add five pounds of Ruminant Lacto Plus to 50 pounds of mineral. For individual animals, such as club calves, top-dress one rounded teaspoonful (approximately 1/6 ounce) on feed once daily. Use in complete feeds at the following rates:
Weaned Calves: 5-10 pounds per ton of feed
Yearling Cattle: 2-4 pounds per ton of feed
Feeder Cattle: 1-2 pounds per ton of feed
Dairy Heifers: 2-4 pounds per ton of feed
Dairy Cows: 1-2 pounds per ton of feed
Brood Cows: 5 pounds per 50 pounds of mineral supplement
Feeder Lambs, Sheep & Goats: 5 pounds per ton of feed
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