Rhinehart Electric Dehorner X50

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Rhinehart Electric Dehorner X50

The Rhinehart X-50 is a powerful plug-in dehorner designed to stop the growth of horn cells in livestock. The X50 dehorner is a resilient model that will hold up in a continuous-run environment while maintaining the proper temperature needed for multiple dehorning in succession. Ideal for large herds or commercial use. The X50 is thermostatically controlled and will withstand the vigorous demands that industrial farms put them through. Dehorn young calves and goats with ease, safe any time of the year. Place dehorner over the horn and rotate to make sure the high temperature is applied evenly to base of horn. Horn bud will drop off in 4-6 wks. No blood loss or severe shock during or after dehorning.

The most resilient model is the X-50. Both the X-40 and X-50 will hold up in a continuous run situation, but the X-50 will maintain the proper temperature needed for multiple dehorning in succession and should be recommended to your commercial or larger herd customers. The X-50 is thermostatically controlled and will withstand the vigorous demands that industrial farms put them through. An adapter tip is also available for this unit to make the head the same size as the X-30. This is suitable for Jersey cattle, because of their narrow skulls at the horn base, as well as goats. Most Holstein or other breeds will find the tip unnecessary. Automatic control for correct, steady heat makes this tool fast and easy to use. Performs safe and efficient dehorning with no blood loss or open flesh wounds. Brass dehorning head heats to 1000 degrees or higher.

Heavy-duty Rhinehart X50 calf dehorner with special Caprine 3/4" diameter tip is one of the best irons we've found for disbudding kid goats. Iron gets very hot for quick disbudding. Heavy copper head retains heat so you can disbud several kids in a row. The basic head for disbudding large calves has 2 1/2" diameter. For disbudding kid goats, we attach our specially-designed 1/2" (inside) diameter Caprine tip. Dehorner can be used on Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf kids if you wait until there is sufficient horn buds. Built-in stand. Iron is 10" long with tip; 8" long 3-wire cord. CAS approved. 239 watts. 120 volts.

Rhinehart Electric Dehorner X50 Highlights:

  • SKU: 14654
  • Manufacturer: Rhinehart Development
  • Voltage: 110/120 VAC @60 Hz
  • Wattage: 239 Watts
  • Supply: 96" Grounded Cord
  • Temperature Range: 950° F - 1050° F
  • Fast and easy to use
  • No loss of blood, no open flesh wound
  • Becomes a heavy-duty soldering iron when soldering tip is attached
  • Tip measures 3/4" ID, 1-1/2" OD. 110-120 volts AC with 8' heavy-duty cord
  • Automatic thermostat heat control with switch for safe, steady heat
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SKU 14654
Manufacturer Rhinehart Development
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