Quikstrike Bait 5 lb.

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Quikstrike Bait 5 lb.

QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait is a fast-acting product that was developed to control nuisance house flies. Dinotefuran, the active ingredient in QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait, is an EPA approved, broad-spectrum insecticide approved for control of nuisance house flies. QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait is approved for a variety of locations where house flies are a problem. With the active ingredient dinotefuran, QuikStrike® Fly Bait kills nuisance house flies quickly and controls those resistant to carbamates and pyrethrin sprays. Its homogenous formulation contains (Z)-9-tricosene to attract flies and can be used as necessary where flies are a problem. Dinotefuran, the active ingredient, is an EPA approved, broad spectrum insecticide approved for control of nuisance house flies. Can be used daily where house flies are a problem as a scatter bait or in a bait staion. Is a granular formulation that provides consistent killing power for the field life of the formulation. Can be used around poultry, cattle, commerical facilities and other livestock operations.

5 Lb. Fly Scatter Bait Is Ideal For The Control Of Nuisance Flies In and Around Livestock Areas. Formula Is Fast Acting and Ready To Use As Scatter Bait. Dinotefuran Is The Active Ingredient In Quikstrike Fly Scatter Bait and Is An Epa Approved, Insecticide To Control Of Nuisance House Flies. Can Be Used In Bait Stations, Or Mixed Into A Paint On Solution To Apply With Brushes Where Flies Rest. Fly Scatter Bait Should Not Be Used Inside Homes, Or Any Place Where Children Or Animals Might Be Present.

Attracts and kills flies. Granulated. Homogenous formula ensures uniform effectiveness in every dose. Kills nuisance flies quickly and control insects resistant to carbamates and pyrethrin sprays. Ideal for control of house flies in industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. Use as a scatter bait or with a fly bait station. Active Ingredient: Dinotefuran.

Quikstrike Bait 5 lb. Highlights:

  • SKU: 12590
  • Manufacturer: Central Life Sciences
  • Attracts and kills house flies
  • For use in house, near livestock, poultry facilities and more
  • Ready to use scatter bait
  • Scatterbait is easily spread in feeding areas and used in bait stations
  • Fly control bait for the low level of the farm
  • Fast-acting fly control bait
  • Active ingredient dinotefuran kills house flies and nuisance flies quickly
  • Improves fly bait resistance management as it controls flies resistant to carbamates and pyrethrin sprays
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SKU 12590
Manufacturer Starbar
Hazardous No
Unit of Measure Can
Pest Type Fly
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