Propylene Advantage (55 Gallon)

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Available 1 gallon and 55 gallon.
Propylene Advantage is an energy supplement to be used in dairy cows. It  provides that extra energy needed and has comparative benefits to propylene glycol. Propylene Advantage has a more palatable (sweet taste) when compared to propylene glycol and also contains two sources of glucose precursors.
Dosage For Dairy Cows: Use product as a drench, by giving 6-16 ounces per head per day for up to 10 days, when dairy cows require an energy supplement after calving.
Product may also be used at a rate of 6-8 fluid ounces per day beginning 2 weeks before calving and continuing 6 weeks after calving.
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SKU 17879
Manufacturer TechMix
Species Cattle
Ailment Ketosis
Hazardous No
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