Panacur PowerPac Paste Equine Dewormer 5x57gm Tube

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Panacur PowerPac Paste Equine Dewormer 5x57gm Tube

Panacur Equine Dewormer Paste (fenbendazole) is for horses, foals and ponies only. It's safe for pregnant mares and very young foals. Panacur is highly effective against the predominant internal parasites of horses: large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids. It's conveniently administered and features a unique apple-cinnamon flavor that horses readily accept. Get some for your horse today. Keep horses healthy with Intervet 69273 Panacur Equine Dewormer Paste that contains Panacur (fenbendazole) Paste 10%. The antiparasitic action of Panacur horse worm medicine is believed to be due to the inhibition of energy metabolism in the parasite. Artificial apple-cinnamon flavor. Administer 1 syringe per 1250 lbs daily for 5 consecutive days.

Set syringe to proper bodyweight. The horse’s mouth should be free of feed. Insert the syringe tip into the horse’s mouth at the space between the teeth. Depress the plunger as far as it will go, dispersing the paste on the back of the tongue. Raise horse’s head after administration to ensure ingestion occurs.

For late third- and fourth-stage of cyathostome larvae, and fourth-stage larvae of Strongylus vulgaris give at a dose rate of 4.6mg/lb (10mg/kg) daily for 5 consecutive days. Administer one syringe for each 1,250 lbs of bodyweight. Treating all horse with Panacur® PowerPac 1 to 2 times per year is recommended to control strongyles.

Panacur PowerPac Paste Equine Dewormer 5x57gm Tube Highlights:

  • SKU: 24036
  • Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health
  • Treats both larvae and adult parasites
  • Apple cinnamon horse worm medicine
  • Panacur horse wormer is a administered orally
  • Each gm of Panacur (fenbendazole) Paste 10% contains 100 mg of fenbendazole
  • Refer to the manufacturer's label for directions for use and cautions for trichlorfon.
  • Trichlorfon is approved for the treatment of stomach bots (Gasterophilus spp.) in horses
  • There are no known contraindications for the use of Panacur (fenbendazole) Paste 10% in horses
  • Panacur (fenbendazole) Paste 10% is approved for use concomitantly with an approved form of trichlorfon
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SKU 24036
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