Orbeseal (144 Count)

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Orbeseal (144 Count)

A new approach to help prevent intramammary infections during the dry period in cows, especially dairy cows. A sterile, non-antibiotic intramammary infusion in the form of a sterile, inert, malleable paste. Creates a barrier against environmental pathogens similar to a keratin plug. Provides a safe, antibiotic free, physical barrier between the udder and the environment during the dry period when more than 50% of E coli mastitis cases begin. Administer one tube into each udder at the time of dry-off. Each tube contains 65% bismuth subnitrate.
Proper disinfection of the teats and application of the Orbeseal product needs to occur at dry-off for maximum effectiveness. Proper removal of the Orbeseal product must also occur when the cow freshens and is milked for the first few days after freshening.

For use in dry cows as an aid in the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period. Sterile, antibiotic-free, viscous paste provides a malleable barrier in the teat canal, reducing the incidence of clinical mastitis for the entire dry period by preventing bacteria from entering the teat canal. When Orbeseal is infused at dry off, new mastitis infections can be significantly reduced and somatic cell counts can be lowered. After last milking at dry-off, clean and disinfect teats with provided alcohol swabs and infuse entire syringe into each quarter. At calving, Orbeseal may be stripped out by hand, ingested by calf or removed via milking machine. However, if large numbers of cattle are freshened together and Orbeseal is removed via milking machine, it may build up on filters. For use in dry cows only. Zero milk and meat withdrawal when used alone.

Orbeseal (144 Count) Highlights:

  • SKU: 14417
  • Manufacturer: Zoetis
  • For animal use only.
  • For use in cattle and livestock.
  • Failure to clean teats properly can result in infection.
  • Mimics cow’s natural first line of defense, the keratin plug.
  • Provides a safe, antibiotic free, physical barrier between the udder and the environment
  • Helps control mastitis during the dry period where more than 50% of early lactation Escherichia coli mastitis cases begin.
  • The first product of its kind – an antibiotic-free paste that acts as a physical barrier against mastitis-causing bacteria, locking them out for the entire dry period.
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SKU 14417
Manufacturer Zoetis
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