Nylon Syringe 20 mL

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Nylon Syringe 20 mL

The syringe also has a dosing nut and luer lock fitting. Brings extra “O” ring. Durable nylon syringes are designed for one-hand operation, and are easy to disassemble and clean. The syringes have a luer lock fitting and accept oral drench pipes. Virtually unbreakable, these nylon syringes have centered tips with luer lock and or luer slip adaptors on all sizes except for the 100cc (off centered). Graduations are etched in black for long lasting visibility. This veterinary syringe is designed for single-handed operation. Easy to disassemble and clean. Features dosing nut and luer lock fitting. Includes replacement O-ring.

Syringe are used for collecting or injecting fluids in a surgical procedure or exam. They consist of a stopper, which helps prevent the leaking of medication, the barrel, which holds the fluids, a flange, which allows the user to rest their fingers and hold the syringe securely, and a plunger rod, which is a piston-like device that presses the fluid through the needle.

Nylon Syringe 20 mL Highlights:

  • SKU: 14082
  • Manufacturer: Cotran
  • Durable clear nylon construction with comfort handle
  • Metal Luer Lock Tip and Plunger Shaft
  • Visible barrel scale with dosage increments
  • Fully bailable for disinfection
  • Individually packaged including spare O-ring parts
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SKU 14082
Manufacturer Cotran
Volume (ML) 20 ML
Hazardous No
Unit of Measure each
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