Mealworm Frenzy Poultry Treats 32 oz.

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Mealworm Frenzy Poultry Treats 32 oz.

Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy allows you to serve your chickens the mealworms they love without having to store and handle live worms. These natural dried mealworms will make your chickens come running for the taste they crave.

Mealworm Frenzy contains 100% wholesome and delicious (to achicken that is) mealworms that are high in nutritious protein and fat. Likepotato chips for chickens, mealworms make a tasty snack for your featheredfriends. This re-sealable 30oz bag of Mealworm Frenzy contains approximately30,000 dried mealworms. Greatfor ducks, geese, turkeys, wild birds, and many other birds and small animalstoo.

Give Your Chickens Treats They Love Without The Inconvenience Of Dealing With Live Worms, All Natural Dried Mealworms High In Protein, Store In A Cool Dry Place, Not For Human Consumption.

Spoil your flock with the tasty and all-natural Mealworm Frenzy treats! Made from 100% natural dried mealworms, these treats offer chickens the taste they love without the cost or inconvenience of live worms.

You can feed your hens straight from your hand, scatter the treats on the ground for them to forage or add them to a feeding cup. The treats can also be blended into your flock's regular feed. Mealworm Frenzy contains a guaranteed minimum 51% crude protein, minimum 23% crude fat and maximum 8% crude fiber. Suitable for all chickens over the age of 2 weeks.

Mealworm Frenzy Poultry Treats 32 oz. Highlights:

  • SKU: 21648
  • Manufacturer: Durvet
  • Premium treats for chickens.
  • 100% Natural Dried Mealworms.
  • High in protein.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • No mess storage, resealable 30 oz bag.
  • Perfect for training or taming chickens.
  • Rich in hen-healthy protein to keep your chickens strong.
  • Dried mealworms are 100% natural with no additives.
  • Easy to feed by hand or by spreading out for chickens to find.
  • Ideal for training, taming or luring chickens into the coop.
  • Requires no refrigeration or special storage.
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SKU 21648
Manufacturer Durvet
Hazardous No
Unit of Measure each
Size (oz) 32 OZ
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