Mastervet Calf-Master with BovaZyme Lick Tub [50 lb]

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Mastervet® Calf-Master™ with BovaZyme® Lick Tub [50 lb]

Mastervet® Calf-Master™ with BovaZyme® Lick Tubs supports your calf-raising operation with all-natural, targeted nutrition designed to maximize nutrient digestability and optimize beneficial bacteria for health, fast-growing calves. Calf-Master lick tubs contain micro-encapsulated lactic acid producing bacteria combined with BovaZyme, a defined enzyme package, to help maintain and support the digestive tract. Bacillus subtilis and Vitamin D3 are also included for overall immune function support and digestive health.

Mastervet® Lick Tubs are low-moisture and cooked for optimum performance. Estimated feed rate is 0.20 to 0.60 lbs per head per day.

BovaZyme® is an all-natural feed enzyme additive designed to help ruminants digest more efficiently. Each package contains seven defined enzymes that help break down less accessible nutrients for increased availability for more profitable output with the same input. Using defined enzymes eliminates batch variability by using exact quantities, precise identification, and strict quality control measures. 

Mastervet® Calf-Master™ with BovaZyme® Lick Tub [50 lb] Highlights:

  • SKU: 28226
  • Manufacturer: Mastervet® 
  • All-natural supplement designed to support overall calf performance
  • Proprietary BovaZyme® enzyme package helps maximize nutrient digestability while optimizing beneficial bacteria
  • Micro-encapsulated lactic acid producing bacteria aids in digestive tract support and maintenance
  • Also contains Bacillus subtilis and Vitamin D3 for overall digestive health and immune function support
  • Provide to calves during grain and group pen transitions or during stressful periods
  • Provide as a free-choice option for all types of feed
  • BovaZyme® is a Registered Trademark of York Ag Products Inc.
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SKU 28226
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