Sample Shipping Procedure

Shipping Procedures

Monday through Thursday

  • Place samples and ice pack in insulated envelope or bag prior to packing in box.
  • Samples should be wrapped tightly and sealed to avoid samples being loose in the box and to ensure samples remain cool during shipping.


  • Pack with extra ice packs to maintain samples over the weekend..


   UPS, FedEx, DHL. US Postal

   Use overnight or two-day services only.

   If shipping two-day, only ship Mon–Wed.

   Send to:

    Armor Animal Health Lab
   6040 North Cutter Circle, Ste. 317
   Portland, OR 97217


  1. Include client form with shipment
  2. Sender will arrange payment


   UPS (discounted overnight or two-day rates)

  Armor will provide preprinted shipping labels

  Call for labels.

  1. Include client form with shipment
  2. Shipping will be billed on testing invoice