Kinetic Vet - 2004-07-00 - Re-Cov]r Antihistamine Injection - (250 mL)

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An antihistamine injectable solution for cattle and horses. This rapid-acting antihistamine contains the active ingredient, tripelennamine hydrochloride to block harmful histamine effects which can delay recovery time. Labeled for beef and dairy cattle calves (2 months of age and older) and horses.

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In cattle, use in the following situations involving histamine toxemias: pneumonia, mastitis, septic metritis, retained placenta, milk fever, grass tetany, displaced abomasum, bloat, grain overload, toxic indigestion, intestinal obstruction, colic, second degree burns, or shipping fever. In horses, use for the following allergic reactions: asthma (heaves), urticaria, milk allergy, insect bites, anaphylactic shock, drug sensitivities, plant poisonings, snake bites, or edematous swelling.
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