Inforce 3 - 25 x 1 Dose Tray

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Inforce 3 rapidly delivers the highest level of  respiratory protection available for a healthy and productive start.

Available in 25 x1 dose tray, 10 dose, 25 dose, and 50 dose.
Safe to use in pregnant cows and newborn calves.
Intranasal vaccine offers unprecedented respiratory protection with the highest level of disease prevention available against BRSV, while aiding in the prevention of IBR and PI3. 
Safe for beef and dairy cattle of all ages.  Calves vaccinated prior to six months of age should be revaccinated after six months.
Dosage: Administer 2 mL intranasally (IN) using a cannula or a syringe with the needle removed. Place half the dose (1 mL) in each nostril.
Click here to read about health goals and vaccination plans for calves prior to and at weaning.
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