HOOF-it QuickBlock+ Premium Gun [160 mL]

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HOOF-it QuickBlock+ Premium Gun [160 mL]

Easy-release star-burst reverse gripping plate creates stability for easy squeeze and smooth easy, pull back of plunger 18:1 thrust ratio per squeeze for faster blocking time. The 160/180 ml gun "CANNOT" be used with the 200/210ml Hooftite glues, you need the bigger 200/210 glue gun.

When using the arc horse hoof file, a special handle needs to be installed for operation. After the horseshoe file is used, the surface of the horseshoe file should be cleaned and cut, and it should be safely stored in a dry tool bag of horseshoes, and the fitter teeth are used to trim the surface of the horseshoe and prepare for the installation of horseshoes.

HOOF-it QuickBlock+ Premium Gun [160 mL] Highlights:

  • SKU: 16721
  • Manufacturer: Parson Adhesives
  • Heavy-Duty Dual Component Applicator.
  • Can be used with Bovi-Bond tubes.
  • Semi-cradle frame for extra cartridge support allows for a sturdy frame.
  • The horseshoe teeth are used for fast cutting and polishing.
  • The arc farrier Hoof Rasp is a harness tool and a tool for repairing horseshoes.
  • The product is composed of horseshoe teeth and fitter teeth.
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SKU 16721
Manufacturer Hoof-It
Volume (ML) 160 ML
Hazardous No
Unit of Measure each
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