Gammulin 50 lb.

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Gammulin 50 lb.

Cost-effective solution benefits your operation by helping young calves grow and thrive in the face of challenges following birth such as transportation, extreme temperatures, digestive disturbances and physical exertion. Can be fed in addition to or alongside other feed additives and antibiotics. Can feed to calves more than 15 days of age for at least one week beyond the challenge faced. Gammulin can be used for supplementing whole milk, waste milk or milk replacer for beef/veal calves or replacement calves. Contains Protevia Functional Proteins, which help maintain the intestinal wall; it also boosts the immune system with vitamins and minerals. Directions for use: Before or during challenging conditions, add 1 oz Gammulin daily to 1 gallon of warm (105°) whole milk or milk replacer. Stir until completely dissolved. Feed by bottle to each calf, per day, divided into two milk feedings.

Gammulin 50 lb. Highlights:

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  • Manufacturer: Annuso
  • Antibodies in product protect calves from rotovirus, coronavirus, E. coli and cryptosporidium enteritis.
  • Amount of Gammulin may be increased to 2 oz daily during periods of added challenge, divided into two milk feedings.
  • Easy mixing, powdered formula contains high levels of functional proteins, special mixture of vitamins and minerals, and oligosaccharides.
  • Feed calf 25 grams from 2 to 15 days of birth. Use during times of stress such as transportation, physical exertion, high heat or cold and for digestive upsets.
  • LIFELINE Gammulin is a functional protein supplement for calves that is used on days 2‚Äì15 following birth, and for extra nutritional support in the face of other challenging conditions such as extreme weather.
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