Fight Strong for Cow Stress (130 Count)

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Fight Strong for Cow Stress (130 Count)

Fight Strong Capsules stimulate rumen function and enhance the appetite of stressed dairy and beef cattle. Whether stressed by calving or other health challenges, the combination of ingredients in Fight Strong provide a boost of energy to get stressed cows back on feed more quickly. Administer 2 capsules orally during times of stress.

Heat stress has a myriad of effects on dairy cattle across the life cycle. Whereas, the most commonly recognized impacts are associated with production responses, emerging evidence indicates that heat stress profoundly alters the immune response of calves and cows, from the prenatal stage through lactation. For example,in utero heat stress reduces passive immune transfer regardless of colostrum source, relative to normothermic conditions in late gestation. Dry cows exposed to heat stress have lower immunoglobulin responses to ovalbumin vaccination, but this effect dissipates with cooling following parturition.

Conversely, cows under heat stress when dry exhibit carryover effects on the innate arm of the immune system in early lactation. In this paper we review the effects of heat stress throughout the life cycle of the dairy cow, with particular emphasis on the impact of heat stress during late gestation on the cow and the developing fetus, both before and after parturition. In addition, the impact of altered immune status under heat stress on other physiological systems, especially those supporting milk production, are considered. Finally, management interventions to prevent and reverse the effect of heat stress are presented.

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  • In fact, the levels of immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM and IgA) do not approach adult levels until 4 months after birth in colostrum-deprived calves
  • Dairy calves are immunologically naïve at birth, they are born agammaglobulinemic meaning they are relatively devoid of circulating antibodies
  • Studies in humans, rodents, and livestock have confirmed the critical role of the placenta and the central role of epigenetic regulation of developmental programming
  • As ambient temperature increases, evaporative heat loss is initially mediated by sweating and is then followed by increased respiratory heat loss as heat stress becomes more severe
  • In response to environmental heat stress, cutaneous blood flow of cattle is increased which brings heat from the body core to the periphery and enhances heat loss through sensible heat loss
  • It has been shown that when pregnant sheep and goats experience heat stress in late gestation, the fetus also has increased body temperature indicating a suboptimal intrauterine environment
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