Ear Notch 30 Count Kit 30 Count

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Ear Notch 30 Count Kit 30 Count

A livestock farmer is expected to establish the identity of an animal as soon as the animal is born or some days after birth. A lot of farmers have ignored animal identification which is very important. Giving names to farm animals may serve the purpose to an extent for a small heard, but may not be feasible for a large herd or farm with many animals. So it is important to put some sort of identification marks on each animal present on a farm.  Currently, the most cost effective and sensitive strategy for BVDV persistent infection testing at the ISU VDL is immunohistochemistry on formalin-fixed ear notch samples. In certain situations, pooled PCR testing of fresh ear notch samples can be a cost effective way to screen groups of calves. Recent vaccination or a current acute BVDV infection in the group can result in positive PCR results. As long as samples arrive in good condition, IHC testing on any PCR positive pool can be used to identify persistently infected calves within that pool.

Ear tagging or notching allows you to identify your animals by sight. Notching is easy to do and costs nothing. This method can be used to identify other animals, e.g. sheep and goats. You will need some way to identify a large number of animals especially if you are going to keep records. There are many ways to identify animals including numbered collars, tattoos and plastic tags. Notching the ear is easy and is the cheapest way.

Ear Notch 30 Count Kit 30 Count Highlights:

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  • It makes record keeping easy for a livestock farmer or animal breeder
  • It makes treatment or culling of sick or unproductive animalseasy
  • It makes it easy for a breeder to select replacement stock for the next breeding season
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