E & R Calf Blanket Green 21"L X 27"W

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E & R Calf Blanket Green 21"L X 27"W

Ensure your calf stays protected in this reliable livestock blanket. The Weaver Leather Livestock Calf Blanket includes a quilted design and elastic bands. Complete with quick-release buckles, this livestock blanket is a breeze to take on and off. When you need to keep your calves warm, regulate their temperature and maintain their body weight during colder months, you'll love the added protection this unique livestock blanket provides. 

Calf blankets, also referred to calf coats or calf jackets, are a cost effective tool that helps prevent cold stress in calves. Calves have a temperature range where they are considered to be comfortable, known as the “thermoneutral zone”. For a newborn Holstein calf, this zone is between 50 and 78°F (10 to 25°C). If a calf’s temperature goes above or below these temperatures, the calf will divert its energy from growth and immune function towards maintaining its core body temperature. First, make sure the calf has good clean bedding. In the first few weeks, newborn calves spend most of the time lying down. If the bedding is dry and thick enough, it will provide a comfortable “nest” for the calf to lay and shelter itself from the cold in. If there isn’t enough bedding, or the bedding is wet, the calf may prefer to stand, which exposes the calf to the wind. Clean and dry hair coats provide greater insulation from heat loss, so the calf’s natural hair coat should be clean and dry before putting on a blanket. Newborn calves should have time to dry before being moved to an outdoor hutch. As the temperature drops, any moisture trapped under the blanket will cause the calf’s body temperature to also lower.

E & R Calf Blanket Green 21"L X 27"W Highlights: 

  • SKU: 18455
  • Manufacturer: E & R Calf Blanket
  • Size: 21"L X 27"W
  • A blanket can be used when outside temperatures reaches about 40¬∞F (40¬∞C)
  • Quilted design with elastic bands gives livestock blanket the perfect fit
  • Quick-release buckles on livestock blanket allow for easy on and off
  • Blankets are highly recommended on newborn calves up to three weeks of age and for calves suffering from illnesses
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SKU 18455
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