Digital Refractometer-Brix & Total Protein

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Digital Refractometer-Brix & Total Protein

Large, 24-character, backlit LCD display is easy-to-read, even in dim light; indicates unit of measure name and value. Cover helps prevent evaporation and keeps out stray light. Simple user interface consists of two buttons: one takes readings and one steps through menu options. Automatically calibrates itself to water. Ready to use in seconds. Automatic temperature compensation for fluids read between 50-104°F. Resolution 0.1%, precision +/-0.1%. Model #PA-202X. Includes English, Spanish, German, French and Russian display languages. Refractometer can measure the sugar concentration in fruit, beverage and vegetables,can be used in beverages quality management, food industrial sector, agricultural production scientific research.It can also be used in the manufacture of beer and wine.
Brix and Blood Serum Refractometer is specifically designed to help professional dairy farmers and calf ranchers rear healthy calves. Provides reliable estimates of percent solids in waste milk and colostrum quality using Brix method (range 0-85); blood serum total protein concentration scale (range 1-14) can be used to assess failure of passive transfer. One machine with multiple functions: Brix meter refractometer is widely used in daily life, mainly used to measure the sugar content of fruit, honey, maple syrup and other sugary drinks, simple and convenient. Portable honey content tester: easy to use, sturdy design, small size, light weight, convenient to keep at any time and carry it with you. It is very convenient to use.

Digital Refractometer-Brix & Total Protein Highlights:

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  • Manufacturer: Misco

  • NEVER submerge the instrument in liquids.

  • NEVER place instrument under a stream of fluid while testing or cleaning.

  • USE a disposable pipette to transfer ONE or TWO of drops of sample to the measuring surface. After testing, use the same pipette to suck up the sample and dispose of properly

  • Wipe any remaining residue from well with a damp cloth and then wipe dry.

  • Be careful not to let fluid drip down the instrument where it can become trapped between the instrument and the Rubber Armor Jacket.

  • At the end of each testing day, remove the Rubber Armor Jacket and clean the instrument with a damp cloth. Dry instrument completely before replacing the Rubber Jacket.

  • NEVER store an instrument in a Rugged Proof Case if there is fluid trapped between the instrument body and Rubber Armor Jacket. The Proof Case is waterproof and will keep fluid and

  • moisture in as well as it keeps it out.

  • Residual fluid trapped in the Proof Case may damage the instrument over time.


  • Brix refractometer method can be applied in the field conditions because it is simple and no expensive equipment is required


  • Brix refractometer provides an acceptable estimation of total serum protein in lambs and requires minimal training


  • Passive immune transfer in lambs can be assessed through the total serum protein concentration


  • Fast, convenient and easy to use – simply place a drop or two of fluid in stainless steel well and press button

  • Features MISCO Optical-Engine Technology, sapphire optics and high-def detector array

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