Cylence [1 Pint]

Cyfluthrin. Pour-on insecticide. For control of a variety of flies and lice. Available in 1 Pint & 6 Pint (2.8L)

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Available in Pint & 6 Pint (2.8L)
Cyfluthrin. Pour-on insecticide. For control of horn flies, face flies, biting lice and sucking lice on beef and dairy cattle (including lactating).
Directions: One treatment controls up to 3 weeks.  Can be used in cold weather. Can be used on cattle of any age or breed.
Calves under 400 lbs.&ndash4 mL cattle 400-800 lbs.&ndash8 mL cattle greater than 800 lbs.&ndash12 mL.
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