TechMix 20157-781 BlueLite Replenish M [55 gal]

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BlueLite ® Replenish M 55 Gallon

First liquid, buffered oral electrolyte solution on the market, reformulated with molasses flavoring to help improve palatability, and a stable, rich caramel coloring. Recommended for use during all stages of scours; helps supplement lost nutrients. Nutrient Dense Liquid concept provides ease of administration: no mixing required, position stable – no stratification, eliminates powder caking issues, reduces labor. Contains min 2%/max 2.5% salt, min 2.5%/max 3.5% sodium, min 1.58% potassium and key functional components glucose, electrolytes, sodium acetate, glycine and betaine.Recommended alkalinizing agents sodium acetate, sodium propionate and sodium citrate facilitate sodium absorption, produce and provide energy, and help maintain a low abomasal pH to decrease incidence of infection and clinical disease. Directions: Provide 4 oz into 2 quarts of water consumed on a daily basis. Provide fresh water free choice. Continue feeding as necessary. Calves showing symptoms of coma, shock or too weak to stand should be treated as directed by veterinarian.

BlueLite ® Replenish M 55 Gallon Highlights:

  • SKU: 20774
  • Manufacturer: Tech Mix
  • For optimal recovery, feed for duration of scouring event.
  • Pump provides approximately one ounce of product.
  • In all feeding situations, provide fresh water on a free-choice basis.
  • Bluelite Replenish M for Calves is an oral buffered electrolyte providing hydration support for scouring calves.
  • When treating calves with diarrhea, the use of oral rehydration products is an important tool for calf raisers.
  • BlueLite Replenish is the first liquid, buffered calf electrolyte on the market formulated for the severely dehydrated calf.
  • Provides oral rehydration with better alkalinizing agents, normalizing blood pH better than sodium bicarbonate.
  • Provide 120 ml or 4 fluid ounces (entire bottle) of liquid BlueLite Replenish M into 2 quarts of water (preferably warm), consumed on a daily basis.
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SKU 20774
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