PRODUCT REVIEW: Master Mint Udder Cream

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By Dr. Megan Tiffany
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Master Mint Udder Cream

Master Mint is a topical udder mint. It is made using high quality Mentha Arvensis (mint oil) as the active ingredient.

Master Mint is best used to reduce swelling and edema in the udder for better milk out post calving and in cows with mastitis or hot quarters. The spray-on product features a bright blue color which is useful in identifying a cow or a specific quarter that is having an issue with mastitis.

Product Sizes
Master Mint lotion is available in both 500 milliliter and 2.5 liter sizes. The blue-colored spray product is available in a 500 milliliter spray bottle as well as a 2.5 liter refill.

Product Quality
The full line of Master Mint products are made in Denmark. The European Union has more stringent quality standards for ingredients which equates to a more uniform, consistently high-quality product in every batch.

Spray vs. Lotion
The spray is convenient because it contains food-safe blue coloring for easy identification, and it can be quickly applied. The spray doesn’t necessarily need to be rubbed into the udder, although many experts believe that massaging the product into the udder actually increases blood flow and helps further reduce edema. The lotion needs to be applied to the udder by hand. It does not leave any discoloration to the udder.

Storage Recommendations
It is important to store Master Mint according to label directions: 44-95°F as the product will come out of solution under freezing conditions. There may be loss of integrity of the product at temperatures greater than 95°F.

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