Product Review: MasterVet Drench Mix

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This drench mix has the potential to help cows off-feed, in negative energy balance, or with GI disturbances. The calcium propionate provides a gluconeogenic substrate (glucose or sugar for cells) which gives their body something to use for energy especially when not eating. The calcium salts of fatty acids have been shown in some studies to increase milk production and/or milk fat percentage. The potassium chloride can help in cows with low potassium that are inappetent and decreases their peripheral fat mobilization (helps reverse negative energy balance). Niacin (Vitamin B-3) helps with feed efficiency and in decreasing ketosis. Usually, rumen microbes make this on their own in cows, but if they’re off feed/having GI issues, this will help. The mineral oil is a good lubricant and can help in abomasal and omasal impactions. The active dry yeast in this product can decrease SARA (sub-acute ruminal acidosis) and potentially increase rumen function by increasing the rumen microbes.

8 months ago
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