AI Sheath 17.5" Green 25 Count Un-Slit Blue

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AI Sheath 17.5" Green 25 Count Un-Slit Blue

AI Sheath French Style 1/2cc 1/4cc Unslit w/ Blue Insert 17.5" *Disposable 50/Package Individually Wrapped* Unslit sheath with blue insert. Designed for use with most spiral style guns. Insert provides a secure seat for straw and permits their use for both 1/2cc and 1/4cc wick and powder straws. 17.5" long.

Specialized sheath has a unique soft, tapered tip allowing for leak-proof seating with straws. Conveniently fits most O-ring style guns. This is a lightweight and flexible sheath, excellent for training. The 17.5" sheath is designed for cattle insemination. Disposable sheaths are thin plastic tubes that slide over the barrels of artificial insemenation guns, serving the purpose of seating the semen straw and holding it in place during the A.I. procedure. The sheath also serves the role of keeping the A.I. gun clean. Available 1/2cc and 1/4cc, slit or unslit, green or blue inserts.

Centering and holding the the straw in place is accomplished by two basic methods, depending on the sheath style, either with the inner tip of the sheath or by use of sliding an insert within the barrel of the sheath. Both methods are designed to keep the straw centered and affixed at the tip of the sheath so that ejection of the semen occur properly.

Slit sheaths are designed to use with the O-ring style gun, and the unslit are designed to use with the spiral type. The green insert indicates a slit style sheath, the blue insert indicates the unslit. Insert sheaths are designed to use with the Dual-Mate guns. The Continental sheath is designed to be used with a Continental sylte gun. The Stip Tip sheaths are a unique bullet tip design for ease of passage. The interior design of the sheath has a taper to allow seating of both 1/2cc or 1/4cc straws.

AI Sheath 17.5" Green 25 Count Un-Slit Blue Highlights:

  • SKU: 12265
  • Manufacturer: Reproduction Resources
  • Palpable dome head design, facilitates optimum placement
  • Better straw fit, no backflow
  • Crystalline plastic, easy reading of straw print including through the head
  • Dual-lateral delivery, improves hygiene
  • Transparent head, makes fluids easy to see upon withdrawal
  • Improved connection, prevents separation from the gun
  • Flexible and resilient, assists in placement
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SKU 12265
Manufacturer Reproduction Resources
Color BLUE
Hazardous No
Count 25 CT
Unit of Measure Pack
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