Specials and Promotions

Distribute your monthly, seasonal and annual specials, rebate programs and other promotions via our sales team, website, sell sheets, e-newsletters and social media sites. Our customers look to us as their source for vendor and manufacturer programs.

Accepted promotions will be decided on a case by case basis. If the product addresses a need for the location, we will make it available there.

Vendor Requirements

Online Banner Ads

Objective: Increase brand awareness of company or products while customers are shopping on our website.
We encourage our vendors to review product descriptions on our website.

  • 1,500+ users per week
  • Product will be shown in Featured Product Ribbon

Vendor Requirements

  • Ad size 1280 x 360 px and 1080 x 1080 px, rectangular layout
  • Graphic Formats: Provide ad in JPEG, or PNG @ 72 dpi
  • Ad link must be directed to the product page on our website

Social Media Ads

Objective:  Generate awareness of your product by sharing your ad on our social media site and sponsoring paid posts to a targeted audience.

  • Sponsored posts run for 1 week on Facebook.
  • When the campaign is complete, we provide detailed results including the number of
    people reached, post engagements, engagement rate and any comments to the post.
  • Paid Social Reach – Armor has a 14% engagement on paid post with an average reach of
    14,000+ users.

Vendor Requirements

  • A graphic or video and a short description of product.
  • Image link must be directed to the product page on our website.
  • Optional: Running a contest or offering a giveaway to help gain more engagement and drive sales is optional.


Objective: Offer informative, helpful, educational content to our audience and drive sales of a product.

Vendor Requirements

  • Provide a 500-750 word document describing the benefits of your product to the
  • The blog can also include an image or video of the product in use.

Non-Branded Keywords (AAH Website Search)

Objective: Display vendors products in prime position during customer searches. i.e. Dry Cow = Spectramast DC product SKU’s

Vendor Requirements

  • Keywords needed
  • Product SKUS to link keyword to

E-Blast Campaign

Objective: Quick and easy way to keep our producers up-to-date on important information for their business.

Vendor Requirements

  • Provide us with e-Blast content in the form of a picture, copy, sell sheet, promotion, etc. 15 days prior to sending to clients.
  • Content or image links must be directed to the product page on our website.

Seasonal Newsletter

Objective: Allow you to get your product message in front of a target audience at key timing before the season.

Vendor Requirements

  • Provide electronic ad or insert file
  • Graphic Formats: Provide color ad in high resolution (300 dpi) as a JPG, TIFF or PDF file
Insert (1 page) 8.5"W x 11"H
Half Page Ad 8.5" W x 4.25" H
Quarter Page Ad 4.25" W x 4.25" H