Show Time!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Getting ready for show season takes lots of patience, time and planning. Having the right supplies is key for a successful show season.

√ Daily Care
√ Shampoo & Conditioners
√ Grooming Tools
√ Adhesives & Removers
√ Touch up Paints
√ Finishing Sprays
√ Halters, Neckties, Muzzles, Blankets, Wraps, Tubes
√ Show Halters
√ Show Sticks, Whips
√ Treatments
√ Show Ring Accessories
√ Clippers & Blades



Do you have everything for your Show Season?

We have access to all your Sullivan needs for this season.

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New Product

FerAppease®  ingredient is a synthetic analogue of the Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS).  

  • FerAppease® can and should be used every time animals are exposed to management and physiological stressors, where suppression of threat perception is desirable (i.e. show season, castration, dehorning, weaning, vaccination, parturition, breeding, etc.). 
  • For use only in healthy cattle by topical administration to the nuchal skin and the skin above the muzzle. 
  • Multidose vial of 300 ml of FerAppease®  , treats 30 adult animals or 60 calves.

Clippers & Accessories

Hair Care


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