Pyramid® + Presponse® SQ

Protect Beef and Dairy Calves
from BVDV with a Modified-Live
Virus Vaccine



The Pyramid® and Presponse® vaccine families protect cattle from respiratory disease by providing broad coverage against the primary viruses and bacteria that contribute to bovine respiratory disease complex.

The BVDV Type 1b Challenge: PYRAMID® 5 + PRESPONSE® SQ

Is the Solution

MetaStim® Adjuvant Advantage


When it comes to disease prevention
in cattle, optimizing the
immunological response to a
vaccination is crucial. The METASTIM
adjuvant was developed to enhance
immune response. Learn more about
the METASTIM advantage.

¹Fulton RW, Ridpath JF, Saliki JT, et al. Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) 1b: predominant BVDV subtype in calves with respiratory disease. Can J Vet Res 2002;66(3):181–190.


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