Whether you started hosting a flock of feathered friends in your backyard recently or you’ve been a proud chicken parent for years, we have the products you need to ensure your backyard buddies are living their best life.

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Featured Product  of the Month

Backyard Chicken Health Pack

An all-natural 3-step system that's a safe and easy way to help support healthy chicks and poultry of all ages.

Contains the following three supplements to add to water for poultry & waterfowl of all ages:

  • Oxy E-100 – Sanitizes water to reduce exposure to water borne pathogens and cleans watering equipment.
  • HealthyFlock® Tabs – Multi-prong approach to help maintain a healthy digestive system and support a functioning immune system.
  • Zyfend® A – All-natural formula delivers digestive support for poultry & waterfowl of all ages.

Each package contains enough of each product for 90 gallons of water or enough to support 25 chicks for about 50 days.

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Bovine Viral Diarrhea - Why testing is important

BVD is on the rise and our state of the art lab can help not only detect this disease but offer solutions to protect your herd to help manage though our continuous bulk testing protocols.

On average BVD can cost your farm up to $54 per head.

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“There are days when I am envious of my hens, when I hunger for a purpose as perfect and sure as a single daily egg.” – Barbara Kingsolver