EarlyPreg28 - Blood Pregnancy Test

EarlyPreg28 is a blood-based pregnancy test designed to detect pregnancy in cattle, sheep, goats and buffalo as early as 28 days post-insemination without invasive palpation.

EarlyPreg28 offers operations the unique opportunity to detect pregnancy earlier and with greater accuracy relative to traditional pregnancy testing methods while also eliminating risk to the fetus due to palpation or ultrasound trauma. Additionally, the test provides producers and operators further time flexibility, allowing them to test for pregnancy on their own schedules.

  • Accurate results 28 days post-breeding
  • Convenient and versatile, allowing you to schedule pregnancy testing when it fits your schedule
  • Cost-effective and an easier method for checking pregnancy than ultrasound or rectal palpation
  • Non-invasive and Embryo safe, reducing the risk of damaging a pregnancy and causing embryo loss