Alertys™ OnFarm Pregnancy Test

Test cow side, on your schedule

The Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in whole blood (EDTA) as early as 28 days postbreeding and 70 days postcalving.

• Reduce animal handling and stress.
• Decrease subjectivity and time spent training.
• Read results easily to make decisions quickly.
• Find open animals in just 20 minutes.


  • Bovine EDTA whole blood, plasma, or serum sample types
  • Lateral flow
  • Results available in 5–20 minutes


The Alertys™ OnFarm Pregnancy Test is easy to use and easy to read

Reduce stress for you and your animals with pregnancy testing you can perform yourself any time your animals are in the parlor or barn. Use this algorithm to know if your cows are pregnant or open.

We are so confident in our game-changing pregnancy tests we’re giving away a sample.   Fill out the information below and hit submit.

About ruminant pregnancy

Establish a protocol for reproductive efficiency with Alertys pregnancy tests.

  • Work together. Reproductive efficiency improves when producers, veterinarians, and laboratories work together to identify open animals early.
  • Trust the science. Alertys pregnancy tests detect a highly specific marker of pregnancy: pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs). Unlike progesterone levels that fluctuate naturally during a cycle, PAGs are only produced in the presence of an embryo or fetus.
  • Depend on accurate results. Use Alertys pregnancy tests to help guide veterinary recommendations for animal health and productivity.