After putting in long day and having a hard time getting everything done within your practice, we are here to help you. We understand what it takes to manage a business; from day to day demands, inventory, financials, and staff.  Our team is there to help you find areas that we can alleviate some of the workload off your shoulders.


Working beside our experienced sales team is a group of veterinarians, regulatory staff and a diagnostic lab who are ready to assist you with, record management, inventory solutions, collaborating on customer animal health issues, access to lab testing to help free up your time to focus on the animal. In fact, our regulatory team can assist you with electronic prescription and herd health management in one easy place.


Whether you need are looking for options to drop ship product through our pharmacy directly to your customer’s farm without having the hassle of keeping inventory, need help on writing protocols or just purchase supplies to run your practice day to day, we deliver. We want to help decrease the paperwork and help increase your profits through our Veterinary Partnership Program.






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