UdderSinge 4' Hose 28" Wand

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Sizes available:

4&,39 Hose, 28" Wand and Mesh Bag

4&,39 Hose, 50" Wand and Mesh Bag

15&,39 Hose and 28" Wand

15&,39 Hose and 50" Wand

15&,39 Hose, 28" Wand and Cart

15&,39 Hose, 50" Wand and Cart 

The UdderSinge consists of a wand, hose, valve, specially calibrated regulator, heat resistant glove and a flint lighter. Some models also include a carry bag to hold a 1 lb propane gas tank or a cart (propane not included). This 4&,39 hose model is best suited for use in the parlor. 
The UdderSinge uses a low temperature flame to remove hair from the udder. Designed to remove hair quickly and painlessly, this system eliminates the need to clip udders manually to improve sanitation.
To use, quickly pass the flame over the areas to be singed. Keep udder hair short all year for less preparation to to produce quality milk. 
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SKU 16263
Hose Length (ft.) 4'
Wand Length (in.) 28"
W/ Cart No
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