TP XXL Flexible Hoof Block - 890211020 - [Orange]

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TP XXL Flexible Hoof Block - 890211020 - [Orange]

The TP BLOCK Orange XXL is the new generation orthopedic insole for a professional claw treatment. The block is entirely made of polyurethane, highly abrasion-resistant material. The new used technical concept improves the animal walking welfare and offers an unmatched grip and comfort. Significantly aids in the healing and treatment process of lameness from podal disorders. Offers prompt effect on ambulation, as well as static and dynamic equilibrium for the animal. Designed to be longer than a XXL wooden block to cover the heel and offer support to the foot while reducing strain on the flexor tendon. Minimizes pain and stress resulting from inflammation (necrosis and other pathological processes) which affect the distal portion of the hooves. Adheres with all bi-component polyurethane adhesives.

Balance the hoof creating a supporting surface. Roughen the surface of the hoof with the curl of the knife, rasp or flexible, creating parallel and crossed cuts. Heat the hoof with a heating gun or hair dryer. Now, apply two parallel strips of glue on the TP BLOCK and place immediately on hoof aligning the straight side with the inner wall, leaving 0.5 cm protruding besides the heel. Check the correct positioning, speed up the glue dry process with a heating gun or hair dryer and release the cow.

TP XXL Flexible Hoof Block - 890211020 - [Orange] Highlights:

  • SKU: 27272
  • Manufacturer: Glue-U Adhesives
  • Made from 100% polyurethane
  • Can be finished with an angle grinder
  • Immediate effect on balancing the claw
  • Highly abrasion resistant but stays flexible
  • Symmetrical shape and usage of both sides equally
  • Used with common adhesive such as Hoof-Tite glue
  • Available in orange (hard) and blue (soft) as well as normal and XXL
  • Maintains a perfect grip on the ground unreachable with XXL wooden block or rubber
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SKU 27272
Size XXL
Hazardous No
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