ProPreg Single Cartridge [300cc] (1 ct)

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Healthy Cow HCC-001 ProPreg Single Cartridge [300cc] (1 ct)

A trouble-free transition period and reproductive efficiency sets dairy heifers and cows up to successfully stay in the herd, lactation after lactation, and reach their full productive life potential. Sick fresh cows can cost dairies over $500 per cow in treatments. It's critical to minimize health challenges before treatment is needed. ProPreg is an intravaginal probiotic that prepares the reproductive tract for calving and restores the uterine environment after freshening, containing three beneficial Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) naturally occurring in reproductive tracts of healthy cows. This can help fresh cows thrive through the transition period, breed back efficiently, and stay in the herd longer.

ProPreg is administered into the vaginal canal through a flexible applicator tube connected to a ProPreg cartridge fit inside of an applicator. Cows need to be restrained for application. Handlers should wear clean gloves and ensure the vulva is clean and dry.

ProPreg is recommended to be used before calving to prepare and prime the reproductive tract with beneficial bacteria, as well as after calving to repair and heal the reproductive tract by restoring a healthy reproductive microbiome. 

Healthy Cow HCC-001 ProPreg Single Cartridge [300cc] (1 ct) Highlights: 

  • SKU: 28076
  • Manufacturer: Healthy Cow
  • A compelling, cost-effective intravaginal probiotic ideal for use in heifers and adult cows
  • Prepares and primes cow and heifer reproductive tracts before calving
  • Restores cow and heifer uterine environment after calving
  • Each 300cc cartridge contains a minimum of 28 doses
  • Supports on-farm antibiotic stewardship initiatives to reduce usage of antibiotics and disinfectants
  • No meat or milk withdrawal period due to GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients
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SKU 28076
Hazardous No
Unit of Measure Tube
Dose 30 DS
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