Pen S 2+2 Type B Medicated 2GM Feed Pellet (VFD) [50 lb]

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As an aid in maintenance of weight gains in the presence of respiratory disease such as shipping fever. Active drug ingredients: Chlortetracycline 2.0 grams per lb., Sulfamethazine (0.4405%) 2.0 grams per lb. Ingredients: Oat Mill By-Products and Grain Products. Feeding Directions: Feed for 28 consecutive days at the following levels: to supply 350 Mgs of Chlortetracycline and 350 Mgs of sulfamethazine per head per day: Amt/1 Head/Day 2.8oz, Amt/10 Head/Day 1.75lbs, Amt/100 Head/Day 17.5lbs. 1lb of Pen S 2+2 Type B medicated feed crumbles for beef cattle will supplement 5.7 head per day.
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