Armor Animal Health Lab

Armor Animal Health’s Lab, formally known as Animal Profiling International, Inc. (API), is dedicated to the improvement of animal health management through advanced diagnostic technologies.

We’ve tested over 4.4 million head of cattle and dairy animals for BVD and currently service clients in all 45 U.S. states.

Our lab provides the herd health and reproductive solutions you need to detect disease and make informed decisions about your animals and operation — allowing for minimized economic losses and maximized profits. Utilizing Armor lab services grants you valuable access to our industry experts who are available to consult with you in areas related to disease control programs and strategies aimed at maintaining and improving the health of your herd and increasing profitability.

Our Testing Products

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We look forward to providing you the latest herd health and reproductive resources available and welcome you to call us for more information.

Armor Animal Healh's Lab is located 6040 N Cutter Cir # 317, Portland, OR 97217

For more information call Toll-Free: 877.278.1344

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